Testing For Chlamydia At Home

There are home test kits for the various types of STDs. chlamydia which is caused by Chlamydia trachoma is among the top deadly STDs. Testing for chlamydia is important for people who think they are at a risk of having the infection. Testing allows early identification and the disease is cured faster with lesser complications. The infection is 100% treatable.

The testkit mart that is used to test for the infection at the comfort of their home produces the results in 15 minutes. The nucleic amplification techniques used to test for chlamydia infections is similar to the method used to test for gonorrhea. To do the testing, there are two main specimen types, the urine test or through swabbing the genital area. For most people, the urine test is less intrusive thus most preferred. Furthermore, it’s also the most sensitive.

To warn you that you need to take the tests, there are symptoms that show in your body. The common symptoms include soreness, itchiness, abnormal discharge or bloody discharge, sores, lumps and rashes on anal, oral or genital areas. Pain when urinating or lower pain should also be a sign to take the test.

It is also important to note that chlamydia and gonorrhea can also occur on non-genital parts of the body example the throat and rectum due to oral and anal sex respectively. In such cases, testing and assessment should only be done by a doctor.
In addition, before taking the home test, a window period often between two days and four weeks should be considered for the infection to develop so that it can be identified by the test kit.

Precautions to using the kit
To use the kit, there are some precautions guiding its use. The main precautions include not using the kit if its damaged or torn in any way, taking note of the kit’s expiration date, using the kit only once, treating all the specimen as infectious and should thus be treated with caution and keeping the kit away from children as well as using it according to the instructions.

How to use the chlamydia testkit mart
The testing kit obtains its specimen from the genital area. The testing kit consists of a pouch containing two swabs, a tube with a cap, leaflet with instructions, a micro-pipette, desiccant, test cassettes, buffer A and B. Females use both swabs while males will just use one.
To start the procedure, add 8-9 drops of buffer A to the mixing tube then collect samples using the swab. For men, take the swab, insert it into the urethra and gently rotate it with adequate pressure to remove the epithelial cells. Allow the swab to stay in the urethra for a few seconds then remove it carefully avoiding contact between the swab and other external surfaces.
For women, the first swab is used to collect the discharge from the vaginal track opening while the second swab is inserted into the vagina and allowed to stay inside for about one and a half minute. It is then removed carefully avoiding contact with other surfaces.
The swab or swabs with the specimen should then be placed in the test tube and mixed well with the buffer A. The swab is then hygienically disposed of then the 8-9 drops of the Buffer B are added into the test tube. Cap the test tube then mix it well. Later, take about four drops of the mixture using the pipette and drop it into the well of the cassette. The results will be revealed within 10-15 minutes. However, after 30 minutes, the results are damaged and should not be taken.

Analyzing the results
For a positive test, pink lines will appear on the control and test region. People who get positive tests should visit a medical center to confirm the positive chlamydia test results then get the necessary medical treatment if its confirmed. Negative tests will have only one line which is in the control region. Tests without any line are faulty and another kit should be used.

The do it at home kits only test for a specific kind of STI. For those who want a more comprehensive test for all STIs, they can take the Routine screen test which is done in a medical center. To carry out the test, blood and urine are used as the samples.