Chlamydia One Step Kit From USA Home Test

Early diagnosis and treatment are ideal when dealing with sexually transmitted diseases but social attitudes around them make it hard for infected individuals to seek help. USAhometest provides people with means to help themselves, at least in the diagnosis of STDs. Those who are not keen on going to a diagnostic clinic for fear of being seen may test themselves in private using simple yet complete and accurate kits. All of the instructions are written clearly and should be easy to follow. There is a kit for chlamydia which is among the most commonly occurring STDs in the world.

Chlamydia Infection

This is caused by a bacterium called Chlamydia trachomatis. The reason why it is so prevalent is that the majority of the people infected do not exhibit any observable symptoms. Those who do exhibit signs will generally see them only after several weeks from the date of infection. Carriers may have already infected others before they realize their condition. The symptoms tend to be slightly different for men and women. Note that this disease can be spread from person to person through vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex. Even an infected mother can pass it onto her baby during the child’s birth. Infection may also spread due to contaminated towels, flies, and personal contact.

Diagnostic Methods

It is recommended that sexually active individuals get a yearly screening, especially young women, expecting mothers, and other high-risk cases. There are two prevalent methods for diagnosis. One is through the testing of urine samples. The other is the analysis of swabs taken from the vagina, urethra, or cervix. Sometimes mouth or rectal swabs will be performed if there are suspected infections in these regions. The results may be out in under half an hour so patients will not have to wait long to confirm their hunch. Doctors will recommend treatment based on the extent of the infection and the state of the patient.

Symptoms for Women

Women who have been infected by the bacteria will find themselves having vaginal discharge with a foul odor that is out of the ordinary. They may also see bleeding outside of their normal monthly periods. When they do get their period, it will feel more painful than usual. They might also experience pain while having sex and when urinating. They may get a fever with severe abdominal pain. There could be a constant itch or burning sensation around the vagina. All of these can be extremely irritating and may affect their productivity, mood, and general well-being.

Symptoms for Men

As for the men, they may also see an abnormal discharge from their sex organ. Most will observe small volumes of liquid coming out of the tip of their penis. This can be clear or cloudy. They may also feel pain during urination. Their testicles might swell to uncomfortable levels. They will usually feel some itching around their penis. Many report a burning sensation in this area. Men who suspect that they may have chlamydia should have themselves checked by a doctor right away. If they are not comfortable doing so, then the home kit can be used to get a reliable diagnosis instead.


There are three common suggestions for the prevention of chlamydia that can also apply to most other types of sexually transmitted diseases. First is to abstain from sex — a logical advice is given how the disease spreads but not very practical in the real world. It is also unlikely to be heeded. It might be more realistic to ask people to be more careful when it comes to their sexual practices. For example, they can reduce the risk of getting infected if they used a condom. They can also limit their sexual contact to a single partner who they are confident is not infected.

Treatment of Chlamydia

If the home test kit confirms the presence of chlamydia, then a visit to a doctor should be scheduled immediately. The usual recommendation is treatment with antibiotics, typically containing doxycycline or azithromycin. The latter is preferred in the case of infected pregnant mothers and babies. If a person learns that he or she has chlamydia, then his or her partner should also get tested right away to check if they also have it. They will also have to get treatment for the disease. Those who are infected should refrain from having sexual intercourse until their treatment has been completed and their symptoms have cleared up. This could take a week or more.

Individuals who have chlamydia are also likely to get other STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and even HIV. As such, it is recommended that they get tested for all of these as well right away. Even if these come out negative, another round of tests should be completed three months after the conclusion of the treatment.